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Part Identification Methods
We Now Offer 3 Faster Ways To Help You Identify The Parts You Need

Email Photo

Email Your Salesman or Account Manager Directly
(You can find their email addresses under the contact tab on our website.)
Or Email

Text Photo

(A Confirmation will be sent to you.)

Set Up A Skype Session

To set up a SKYPE session email Pete at

Some Helpful Tips When Emailing or Messaging Photos to be Identified:

  • Include a ruler or measuring tape in each photo next to the part.
  • The photo should not be too dark or too light contrast, and in focus.
  • Indicate what the part is made of (i.e. aluminum, zinc, steel, plastic, wood, vinyl, etc.).
  • Include the brand of the window or door.
  • Indicate what it is used on or type of window or door.
  • Include any numbers stamped or printed on the parts.
  • Indicate how many pieces you need.
  • Include your contact information.