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HOPPE® - Handle of Excellence.
Strybuc Industries is proud to announce our exclusive National Stocking Distributorship for HOPPE® North America. We have over 500 SKU’s available for immediate shipment. HOPPE® North America is one of the leading manufacturers of door hardware. These pages are designed to give you a sampling of the various products and finishes HOPPE® has to offer. Strybuc Industries is dedicated to assisting and servicing you on acquiring the quality products from HOPPE® North America.

The HOPPE® North America, Inc. hardware program also includes a wide range of products such as multipoint locks and handle sets with cylinders, plus adjustable hinges for doors and turn & tilt hardware for windows. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Bet you are glad we did.

HOPPE Single Design Theme Handle Sets
HOPPE’s® Single Design Theme is unique to the door industry and has changed and upgraded the look of American households across the country. Click image for more information.

HOPPE Swing Door Handles
All HOPPEĀ® Swing Door Handles are available in Active, Inactive and Dummy sets. Click image for more information.

HOPPE Multi-Point Locking System
The HLS9000 Stainless Steel Multipoint Locking System provides more than safety and security. It prevents the unwelcome intrusion of rust and corrosion. It can also keep your reputation from being tarnished by eliminating expensive service calls and any resulting loss of revenue. Click image for more information.

HOPPE Cylinders
High quality and high security is what you demand from products like cylinders, security systems and locks. Click image for more information.

HOPPE Hinges
HOPPE's new two-way adjustable hinges and HTL Ultimate 2-D Hinges.