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HOPPE® Adjustable Hinge

HOPPE Adjustable Hinge Brochure
HOPPE Adjustable Hinge Technical Information

Designed for a Greater Advantage.

  • Adjusts both vertically (Set Hinge) and horizontally (Guide Hinge) by 1/8" for a perfect swing.
  • Brass hinges feature finial caps as shown
  • Aluminum hinges feature flush caps.
  • Large 3/16" hex head screws make adjustments effortless. Remove the finial in the set hinge to access the hex screw.
  • Single pass routing for quick and easy installation.
  • All Set and Guide Hinges are equipped with non-removable pins for security, making HOPPE Adjustable Hinges the ideal solution for both inswing and outswing doors.
  • Especially designed for larger doors, with a panel weight capacity of up to 330 lbs.

Tested to a Higher Standard.

  • Brass hinges are tested beyond an impressive 2.5 million cycles, in accordance with ANSI A156.1 Grade 1 – Commercial test procedures.
  • Backed by HOPPE’s Limited Lifetime Mechanical Warranty.

Finished with Superior Quality.

  • HOPPE's Brass and Aluminum Hinges are outstanding corrosion resistant materials
  • HOPPE uses their Resista® Limited Lifetime Finish Warranty on four of their select premium finishes. The Aluminum Hinges have a high quality powder coating finish.
Brass Guide Hinges
Part # Finish
850-2664581 F41-R Brushed Chrome Resista®
850-2664572 F42-R Satin Nickel Resista®
850-2664556 F49-R Polished Chrome Resista®
850-2664601 F77-R Polished Brass Resista®
850-2659562 F73 Antique Brass
850-2664599 F79 Oil Rubbed Brass
Brass LH Set Hinges
Part # Finish
850-2972364 F41-R Brushed Chrome Resista®
850-2972410 F42-R Satin Nickel Resista®
850-2972372 F49-R Polished Chrome Resista®
850-3113431 F77-R Polished Brass Resista®
850-2972399 F73 Antique Brass
850-2972401 F79 Oil Rubbed Brass
Brass RH Set Hinges
Part # Finish
850-2972655 F41-R Brushed Chrome Resista®
850-2972743 F42-R Satin Nickel Resista®
850-2972680 F49-R Polished Chrome Resista®
850-3113529 F77-R Polished Brass Resista®
850-2972701 F73 Antique Brass
850-2972719 F79 Oil Rubbed Brass
Aluminum Guide Hinges
Part # Finish
850-3033852 F1713 Gold
850-3052105 F8709 Rustic Umber
850-3033861 F 9010 Pure White
850-3033879 F7914 Matte Black
Aluminum LH Set Hinges
Part # Finish
850-3033924 F1713 Gold
850-3052201 F8709 Rustic Umber
850-3033941 F 9010 Pure White
850-3033967 F7914 Matte Black
Aluminum RH Set Hinges
Part # Finish
850-3033916 F1713 Gold
850-3052156 F8709 Rustic Umber
850-3033932 F 9010 Pure White
850-3033959 F7914 Matte Black