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Private Label Spray-X Foam Glass Cleaner

"Private Label Spray-X Foam Glass Cleaner as your own!!"

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540 Can Minimum (45 cases, 12 cans per case)
Part Number
  • Guaranteed to Leave No Film- “Streak Free”
  • Industrial Strength
  • Cleans Glass, Windows, Mirrors, Windshields, Enamel
  • Surfaces, Chrome, Tile Porcelain and Other Hard Surfaces
  • Sprays in Any Position
  • Dissolves Dirt, Grease Grit and Grime
  • Heavy-Duty Foam Clings to Vertical Surfaces
  • Non-Ammoniated
  • Contains Cosmetic-Grade Alcohol for Best Performance
  • Superior Quality at Competitive Pricing
  • Advanced Formulation
  • Available in 19 oz