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How To Install Quick (Plastic) Wickets

Assemble your materials on a flat surface. You should have

  1. 1) the finished screen you are attaching the wicket to,
  2. 2) a rescreening tool
  3. 3) the plastic wicket
  4. 4) a piece of screen mesh large enough to cover the wicket with a margin for splining (about 8 x 10”)
  5. 5) rivet gun and rivets to attach wicket to frame
  6. 6) a razor knife to trim the screen mesh

Step one

  • Separate the two halves of the wicket by gently pulling the faces apart at the hinge.
  • Take the half of the wicket that does not have the rivet holes, and, using the screen tool, screen mesh, spline and 8 x 10 piece of mesh, attach the mesh to the frame, holding it in with the spline. When this is done , put it aside for later use

Step Two

  • Take the wicket half with the rivet holes in the flange and place it on the screen frame where you want the wicket to be
  • Rivet the wicket into the frame.
  • When the wicket is secure, cut out a hole in the large screen a liitle smaller than the wicket frame. Leave enough mesh so that you can press the cut edges of the mesh into the slot in the back of the wicket frame (1/2-3/4”).  
  • Cut a 45* notch at the top left and right corners so that the mesh will lay flat in the corners when it is attached to the wicket.
  • Carefully spline the edges of the cut mesh into the slot in the back of the wicket frame, making it as tight a fit as possible.
  • When the edges are ssecure in the frame, trim any excess mesh from the 4 sides of the wicket

Step three

  • Gently reattach previously screened wicket door at hinges.